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Best Medical Apps for Healthcare Professionals

Communications Team

Communications Team

June 29, 2023


In today's fast-paced healthcare environment, medical professionals rely on technology to enhance their efficiency and provide optimal patient care. With a plethora of apps available, it can be challenging to determine which ones are truly essential. To help you navigate the sea of options, we have compiled a list of must-have medical apps that can streamline your workflow and ensure you have the necessary information at your fingertips. While this list is comprehensive, we encourage you to share your suggestions in the comments section to further enhance the resourcefulness of medical apps.


Considered essential for all healthcare professionals, this free app, available on iOS and Android, provides a portable British National Formulary (BNF). With a user-friendly interface, you can quickly search for medications by their drug or brand names. The app offers information on indications, doses/routes, monitoring requirements, and drug interactions, making it an invaluable tool for prescribing medication accurately. Link - BNF/BNFC

2. Microguide

Another trust-specific app, Microguide, available on iOS and Android, focuses on microbiology. It presents the latest antimicrobial protocols and guidelines categorized by conditions and body systems. By offering first-line and second-line regimes, as well as alternatives for penicillin-allergic patients, Microguide saves you the time and effort of searching the intranet for guidelines. With its user-friendly interface, accessing vital microbiology information becomes quick and easy. Link - Microguide

3. DrToolbox

Designed as a handover guide for new doctors, DrToolbox provides trust-specific advice and survival guides created and updated by current and previous junior doctors. This free iOS and Android app includes contact details for departments and staff, as well as guidance on making requests for radiology, investigations, and specialty referrals. With DrToolbox, new doctors can confidently navigate their roles and responsibilities within the trust. Link - DrToolBox

4. RotaPal 

Designed by doctors, for doctors, RotaPal is a user-friendly solution designed to simplify the process of creating and managing rotas for healthcare professionals. By using RotaPal, healthcare professionals can streamline their scheduling tasks, leave management processes and eliminate the need for constant messaging and paperwork. You can build your own rota or your team’s rota ensuring you’re always connected to the right colleagues at the right time. Link - RotaPal

5. PocketDr

Designed for junior doctors working on calls or nights, PocketDr offers succinct checklists for managing unwell patients and up-to-date immediate management flowcharts for common acute conditions. Available for a small fee on iOS and Android, PocketDr serves as an essential aide-memoire during busy shifts. It ensures that you can quickly access the necessary information while being constantly called to attend to patients with high NEWS scores. Link - PocketDoctor

6. GeekyMedics

For medical students and professionals preparing for OSCE exams and refining their clinical skills, GeekyMedics is a must-have app. Available on iOS and Android, it offers comprehensive guides and tutorials on various clinical skills, ensuring you are well-prepared for assessments and practical examinations. Link - GeekyMedics

7. NHS Safeguarding

Healthcare professionals involved in safeguarding vulnerable individuals will find the NHS Safeguarding app invaluable. Available for free on iOS and Android, it offers access to the most up-to-date safeguarding guidance and regional contact information, ensuring you can provide the necessary support and protection to those in need. Link - NHS Safeguarding


As technology continues to evolve, medical apps have become indispensable tools for healthcare professionals. The apps listed above cover a wide range of essential areas, from communication and guidelines to clinical calculations and skills development. By utilising these apps, healthcare professionals can enhance their efficiency, provide better patient care, and stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in their respective fields. However, the world of medical apps is ever-expanding, and we encourage you to share your suggestions and recommendations in the comments section, as together, we can build a comprehensive resource for medical professionals seeking the best apps for their practice.

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