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the Top 5 rota frustrations for healthcare professionals

Understand the main frustrations, explore the key issues and discover potential solutions to rota management with healthcare professionals

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Join us for this free on demand webinar and discover how you can help your team.

Addressing the Top 5 main rota frustrations, the webinar will highlight some of the root causes as well as explore and learn about the key methods to mitigate these issues arising.

Your host

Harry Eves

CEO at RotaPal

Harry Eves has led the team along with surgeons, Michael Eames and Johnny Warnock, to develop RotaPal, a user-centric real-time rota management and communication app. Having spent the last number of years researching, developing, and collaborating with healthcare professionals across the UK and Ireland, they have produced a unique and revolutionary app to encompass and solve many of the rota frustrations our healthcare professionals face today.

It is clear that RotaPal has been developed from a clinical understanding of the issues that exist. Having the ability to quickly access who's on-call or make a request, has ensured there is now far greater accessibility and connectivity across the team each day.

Mr. Martin King
SpR, General Surgery.
Vice President, Association of Surgeons in Training

RotaPal has transformed the way we manage our shifts in the department. Via the app, you can immediately see who is on call for the day, what the rest of your team is working and your personal weekly planner. As a rota coordinator, the system notifies you of leave requests and swaps which saves so much time with repeated emails. I would definitely recommend it to any medical or surgical team managing different rotas.

Miss Anna Rose
Clinical Fellow
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
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