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Communications Team

Communications Team

October 10, 2022

It’s one thing planning the rota, it's another planning your team’s weekly schedules. With many moving parts, it's a challenge to stay on top of the changes to keep the ship sailing.

That’s why at RotaPal we developed the ‘Weekly Planner’ an exciting new bolt-on product, supporting our existing rota and leave management solutions.

By incorporating our existing suite of features, the system is able to provide a direct and real-time feed of availability. In essence, it significantly reduces the administrative burden of multi-tier availability and scheduling.

Whether you’re planning months, weeks, or days in advance, the application ensures everyone knows exactly which ward, theatre, clinic, or teaching session they’re meant to be in. Better still, the system sends instant alerts of discrepancies or clashes that arise.

For existing premium users it will be a seamless integration, we can simply add the product to your administrative dashboard and get you set up in minutes. For non premium users, contact our sales support team to find out more.

How it works,

Firstly, we build out your department’s ‘activities’. For example, wards, theatres or clinics and of course what days and time they run.

From here we then state each activity's minimum and ideal requirements. Essentially, who’s needed, including their job role and grade. This feature powers the traffic light requirements checker.

We then link up your existing live rotas. These links vitally provide the golden information, a real-time view of each colleague's availability.

When populating each week, all we need to do is tap on the 'add staff' button to populate each activity. To make it even easier we can repeat plans for a number of weeks or months which can act as a base for each week's plan, whilst still having the ability to add and remove staff from each activity when required.

The activity requirement’s traffic light system provides an instant understanding of the staff levels for each activity and the alerts system instantly warns where discrepancies have arisen.

Once built and populated you'll be good to go. Simply publish the plan and each colleague will receive access to their schedule alongside their shifts and events, from the palm of their hand.

Going forward, you’ll never have to send an update email again, with instant dissemination of updates simple make the changes and allow the system to do the rest.

All in all, RotaPal’s weekly planner will streamline your schedule management, saving your team both time and headaches. Its a no brainer for busy healthcare teams.

To find out more, email or book a demo via our website.

There’s never been a better time to get started.

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