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Awarded G-Cloud 13 Framework

Communications Team

Communications Team

December 6, 2022

We are delighted to announce that once again RotaPal has been awarded a place on the UK Government's G-Cloud 13 Framework. ‍

What is G-Cloud 13?‍

The UK Government's Crown Commercial Service established the framework to transform how public sector organisations buy cloud-based computing services, including many off-the-shelf, pay-as-you-go cloud solutions. This pre-vetted, simplified framework ensures greater opportunity and accessibility for both suppliers and buyers. Reducing down lengthy procurement or tender processes, saving time, money and resources.

The most recent improvements to the digital marketplace will provide the following benefits:‍

- Great access to multiple suppliers and cloud services, including a high number of SMEs

- Quick and easy route to market

- Access to the latest cloud technology and innovation‍

As a company the framework will provide greater opportunity and accessibility for prospective clients to avail of RotaPal's services.‍

Let us help.‍

For those interested in hearing more about the G-Cloud 13 digital marketplace, including how your organisation can utilise it, whether that be RotaPal related or otherwise, please get in touch with us or book an appointment via our website today.‍

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