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5 Reasons Healthcare Staff Love Managing Leave with RotaPal

Communications Team

Communications Team

December 15, 2022

Managing leave is recognised as one of the biggest frustrations when it comes to working in healthcare. Whether it be the constant rejections, the length of time colleagues wait for a response to their requests, or simply the back and forth emails. We believe all healthcare staff deserve better. 

Here’s why our community of users have loved making the switch to RotaPal’s Leave Management software:

1. RotaPal has a leave traffic light calendar that makes it easier to quickly see the viability of taking leave. The calendar colour-codes each day of the calendar with a green, amber, or red colour system, so users can easily identify which days they can take leave before submitting a request.

2. As a mobile app, it makes it easy for users to book their leave with a few simple taps. Requests can be made on the go, so users don't need to write out an email or be in front of a computer to make a leave request. 

3. RotaPal has improved response times to leave requests. As soon as a user makes a request, the app is able to instantly process it and notify the relevant parties. This means that users can get a response to their leave requests much faster than with traditional methods. 

4. RotaPal also provides an accessible summary of a user's leave entitlement. This summary contains all the relevant information about a user's leave entitlement and can be accessed easily and quickly whenever needed. 

5. Finally, RotaPal's leave cross-referencing feature ensures that a user's leave does not overlap with their shifts and if any discrepancies occur they are flagged.

If you want to hear more about what RotaPal can do for you and your team, book a demo today.

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